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                                Episode 103 - Lasting Impressions
                                Gorgeous, Fresh and Dried
                                Fresh and dried flowers
                                Have you ever wished that a flower arrangement could last forever? Well your wish can come true if you use the right flowers and technique. My friend, florist Sarit Nagy, has some sure fire suggestions for creating an arrangement you can enjoy both fresh and dried.

                                First, place dampened floral oasis into the pot of your choice. Then, as with any arrangement, time to add greens. Magnolia works well as the front of the leaf is a vibrant green while the back is a velvet-textured tan colour. Next, add some seeded eucalyptus, maybe some hanging Amaranths and berries.

                                Now on to flowers. Hydrangeas are a good choice because of their large, colourful blooms. Then come beautiful roses. Sarit suggests cutting all of the flower stems short before arranging them into tight groups of three or four throughout the pot. This way you won't notice the shrinkage as the arrangement dries. Keep in mind that the flowers will shrink by about ten percent.

                                When you've finished adding flowers, cover any empty spaces with moss. And there you have it, fresh arrangements that will in three to four weeks dry into something just as beautiful!

                                Credit: Sarit Nagy - San Remo Florist
                                Toronto, Ontario (416) 652-1822

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