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                                Episode 6083: Ultimate Holiday
                                Holiday Table
                                Let your imagination go!
                                The holiday buffet. What a great way to serve your friends and family during this hectic season. Buffet service is always a wonderful way of presenting food, in that we can re-position things to different parts of the home to allow you more access. They work for large numbers of people. Here are some ways to give a holiday buffet table that festive flair!

                                For the foundation of your table, use a combination of two different fabrics, such as a silver-toned silk, with a white organza on top. Then, create a nice, icy effect by pinning icicle ornaments around the edges of the organza. A great way of displaying the ornaments, it will also give the bottom part of the buffet some holiday sparkle.

                                As for the service, use frosted glass plats, which work perfectly with the theme. Stack them up on one end of the table. Then, wrap up some sturdy boxes of various sizes in theme colours, such as silvers and blues, maybe even a snowflake motif with a pale blue ribbon. These buffet props can add a nice dimension to your buffet table as they can be used to display service items, such as the dinner plates. Displaying food on different levels makes for a nice presentation.

                                An inexpensive, creative idea for flowers is to fill vases with leftover Christmas ball decorations. It’s about the colour combination, and, in this case, blue and silver Christmas balls worked well with our table. Make sure the balls don’t exceed the height of the vase, because you are going to invert the vase and create a beautiful pillar. Place a votive on top, and it will give the buffet a really nice look.

                                Use thematic napkin folds. Sew tiny bells onto the corner of each napkin. Fold the napkin in half, then fold it in half again. Holding the napkin with the bells hanging down, lift up the first corner. Do the same thing with a second corner and then a third, leaving the fourth. Turn it over, and fold over the left and right side. Invert it and it will create a perfect little pocket for your buffet cutlery. And don't forget flowers, like white amaryllis.

                                Go with your inspiration, using any colour theme you want. How about the entire table done in red, or another monochromatic scheme. Let your imagination go!

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