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                                Episode 6083: Ultimate Holiday
                                Holiday Host Gifts
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                                Last year, as I left my home one morning, a wreath had been hung on my front door - must have been a friend of mine who came by in the middle of the night to bestow this lovely holiday surprise. I love that idea, and it inspired me to come up with a few host gifts for this busy season.

                                Some gifts get more exciting as the holiday season progresses, and the amaryllis flower is one of them. At first, it might just look like a clay pot with some dirt and branches sticking out of it, but just wait a couple of weeks. When your guests start to water it, a beautiful flower will emerge. The great thing about amaryllis is that it comes in a wide range of colours; peach, white, red, you name it. Not only does it bloom easily, but it thrives indoors as well as out. There’s nothing quite like the gift that grows!

                                When it comes to giving gifts, it is always helpful to think about what your friends love to do. For those who like to spend the entire season in front of the fireplace, a gift of wood would be nice. Tie together some kindling and matchsticks with attractive ribbon. Attach a card with a message that says something like “A little bit of wood to keep you warm.”

                                Make extra batches of your wonderful cookie recipes. Place them in a box, with an attractive, festive lid on top and a card to say “Wishing you a sweet holiday!”



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