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                                Episode 508: Get Away!
                                Scented Candles
                                There's nothing like a nice candle to light up a room...

                                I love coming home and having my place smell like a spring garden. The way I usually achieve that is by lighting scented candles. In thinking about our weekend away I thought we could create our own candles, with a different scent for each room in the house.


                                • warmer
                                • pot
                                • measuring cup
                                • block of paraffin wax
                                • bronze wire
                                • aluminum wire
                                • beads
                                • candle wick
                                • metal disk (for candle wick)
                                • essential oils (use your favourites)
                                • glass tumblers
                                • stickers
                                • markers
                                • stick (a pencil will work)
                                • needle-nosed pliers

                                **Raise your right hand and promise me that when you try this project you will not leave your pot unattended. Safety first!


                                Place a pot on your warmer, set on low heat. Break off chunks of wax and add to pot. Allow to melt. Pour melted wax into a measuring cup.

                                Snip off a generous portion of candle wick, run it through the disk tying a knot at the end. Dip disk in wax, then transfer it to the centre of the vessel in which you're making your candle. Run the excess wick around a stick and lay the stick across the top of the vessel (*make sure that the wick runs up from the centre).

                                Scent the wax by dropping some essential oil into it. Our suggestions: cinnamon for the kitchen; bubble gum for the bathroom; lavender for the bedroom.

                                Pour the wax into the vessel (*do this slowly, to prevent bubbles from forming).

                                Make sure the candle wick is still in the centre of the vessel.

                                Put aside, and allow to cool.

                                Write the various names of your candles on stickers (i.e. "Bubble Bath", "Sweet Dreams", etc.), and affix them on the front of the corresponding vessels.

                                Wrap wire around the glass a few times.

                                Thread wire with beads, twisting the end of the wire with pliers to prevent them from falling off.

                                The finished product looks and says (I mean, "smells", it all). What a great way to spend an afternoon on your weekend away. Don't forget to make a few extras so you can bring them back to your friends as souvenirs.