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                                Episode 508: Get Away!
                                Amazing Fruit Salad
                                To DIE for!

                                One of the best things you can do for yourself is to eat healthy. So for our get-away weekend, we thought a fruit salad would be just the call. Here's our tutti-frutti recipe:


                                • cherries
                                • green and red grapes, seedless
                                • strawberries
                                • blueberries
                                • bananas
                                • apples
                                • clementines
                                • kiwi
                                • papaya
                                • ¼ cup granulated sugar,
                                • juice of one lemon
                                • 4 tbsps water
                                • fresh mint, chopped

                                *Pre-wash all of your fruit.

                                **If you're not really a fruit eater, you might only want to use two or three (but we've assembled a whole bunch to share with you).


                                Remove stems from cherries, grapes and blueberries; add to bowl.

                                Trim off tops of strawberries, then add them in whole.

                                Peel off the skin and remove the tiny, white fibres from the clementines (a suggestion to do with any fruit); add to bowl.

                                Trim top and bottom off kiwi, peel off the skin, slice and then add.

                                Cut papaya in half, remove the little seeds, slice and then add.

                                Using a carving knife, trim top and bottom off pineapple, then slice downwards along the sides, following its curve. Slice, then add to bowl.

                                Cut apple in half, take out core, slice and then add to bowl. Slice bananas; then add.

                                (Note: with both bananas and apples, the trick is to put them in right at the last minute because they have a tendency to brown, as do pears).

                                In a separate bowl, add sugar, lemon juice, water and fresh mint. Mix, then pour on the fruit.

                                Mix up the fruit salad really well, to incorporate all of the wonderful colours of your fruits.

                                Pick out an attractive bowl in which to present it to yourself.

                                One final reminder: just because life looks like a bowl of cherries (and other great things…) right now, don't forget to watch out for the pits. And there you have it! An absolutely gorgeous fruit salad, perfect for your entire weekend. Enjoy!

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