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                                Episode 508: Get Away!
                                Stocking Up
                                Don't forget anything!

                                Is your schedule so crazy that you just never get a chance to get away? Well, it sounds to me like you need to take some time off. Sometimes just a couple of days can do the trick. Here's an idea: why not hang out at home and give yourself the chance to do all the stuff you never get a chance to do?

                                Try to take the Friday before the weekend off and use the day to get yourself stocked up. Feel like your artistic juices haven't flowed for awhile? Visit your local art supply store. Pick up an easel, some paints, pastels, canvases, sketchbooks or anything else that inspires you. Some beautiful stationary is perfect for writing some thoughtful notes to send to your friends over the weekend. You'll find that a little rest goes a long way when it comes to creativity.

                                Pick up some videos that you have been trying to see and some books that you have been dying to read, but never get the chance. Start your mornings by cracking open a book while enjoying a coffee. Pick up a whole whack of magazines and deliberately search for ones that you don't normally read.

                                I don't know about you, but the last time I did a puzzle I must have been 7 years old. I find there's nothing more relaxing than just sitting at the living room table and putting together a puzzle. Surround yourself with pot-pourri. Put it around the house to help make it feel like a five-star hotel.

                                Don't forget to visit your local grocery store and stock up on supplies for a great fruit salad recipe that we will share with you. I'm sure you have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying as well. Go ahead and indulge! Remember that you're on vacation, so anything goes. On your journey down the junk food aisle pick up some gummi bears, chocolate bars, chips, cheese sticks, licorice, popcorn…(and so on!)

                                Well, once your shopping spree is done, you can begin to relax knowing you're well on your way to turning your place into a custom-made haven.

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