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                                Episode 408 - Thank Goodness
                                Nik 2 U
                                Enjoy this special holiday!
                                Thanksgiving is truly one of my favourite holidays. It gives me occasion to gather with my friends and my family. You know what? I also consider the "Savoir Faire" viewers to be very dear friends. Every time we gather together to talk about entertainment, I feel like you're right there next to me, arm in arm, ready to tackle our next challenge.

                                Remember that with respect to any holidays, when entertaining dear friends and family, it is important to make your tables look their best. If there ever was a time to pull out all your fine stuff, it is now!

                                With a Cornucopia of entertaining ideas, I hope you feel confident that you can throw your own Thanksgiving celebration. Your table of plenty will be sure to remind your guests of the importance of being thankful. Enjoy!

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