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                                Episode 408 - Thank Goodness
                                Table Enhancements
                                Make your table special...
                                When setting your table for Thanksgiving dinner, keep in mind that it is harvest time, and so it can be nice to show off wonderful vegetables, fruits, and different harvest items. To enhance my dining space, I decided to create some colourful centrepieces.

                                Taking a cluster of wheat sheaves, I lined them up into a nice, tight bundle, and then give them a twist, which created a beautiful bloom at the top and an elegant fan at the bottom. Then, I tied them together with a brown and blue ribbon and placed them at the centre of the table.

                                Can't forget the Cornucopia! These beautiful horn-shaped baskets which are the quintessential look of Thanksgiving are inexpensive and readily available at a local florist's shop. I placed one on each side of the wheat sheaf, with the openings, which would display the fruits and vegetables facing each end of the table.

                                In terms of a treatment for the Cornucopia, what I tried to do was to build a really lovely colour palette for each one. First, I lined them with some leaves that had turned colour. Then, I assembled my season's favourite fruits: star-crimson, Bosc and sugar pears, artichokes and beautiful passion fruits. Keep in mind that when you're doing arrangements like this, it's great to do groupings of the various fruits (i.e. I put two little artichokes together). I added a little splash of vibrant green with a succulent fig, and one of its purple cousins placed next to it. Next, I added a tamarillo - a yellow-orange, succulent fruit with a tangy taste. I couldn't forget to include some gorgeous gourds of various colours. Corn, wheat, and a nice brownish-red mangosteen also helped to complete the look.

                                As you create your own colourful explosion of Cornucopia, feel free to use any combination of fruits you desire. Don't be afraid to let the fruits cascade out of the baskets and down the table, either. This will only serve to endorse the theme of the evening: along with your friends, family, and loved ones, here is an abundance of all good things to be thankful for!



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