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                                Episode 404 - On the House
                                Mirror, Mirror Part 3
                                Time to reflect on your hard work...
                                We've arrived at the last few important steps before you can take a glance at your wonderful accomplishment.

                                Once the glaze is dry, turn the frame over, and place your pre-cut mirror inside. Be very careful of the sharp edges as you place it within the frame. Take the pieces of trim that you removed before, place them onto the frame, and hammer them into place.

                                Et?voila! Your mirror is complete. Now, the fun of finding the perfect place for it begins. Feel free to try out different spots around your house. Remember that one advantage to making a leaning mirror is that it is moveable! Don't worry about leaning it against one wall and then changing your mind afterwards.

                                At the end of all of our hard work, the finished product was almost as beautiful as the smile on Sarah's face reflected in it. When you go to make your own mirror from scratch, don't forget to take a moment to sit down in front of your work of art and take a peek. I can already see the look of satisfaction on your face - for a job well done!

                                Special Thanks: Sarah Richardson - Sarah Richardson Designs; Toronto, ON (416) 925-3338

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