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                                Episode 404 - On the House
                                Mirror, Mirror Part 2
                                Almost there...
                                After the nails were tacked in and the wood filler was applied, Sarah and I began to sand down the frame on the corners, as well as anywhere else we had used the wood filler. Next step: the primer!

                                When you're doing this, don't forget to wear casual clothes that you don't mind getting splattered upon with a bit of paint...

                                • sanding paper
                                • primer
                                • paint brushes, medium and small sized
                                • cloth
                                • polyurethane (satin finish)
                                • mirror, cut to size

                                Since the wood frame was raw, we used a latex primer to create a chalky finish. You can use an oil-based primer, especially if the wood has already been painted (provides better adhesion). Apply a coat of latex using a medium-sized paint brush. Let it dry and then apply a second coat. When this is dry, apply a glaze of latex polyurethane with a satin finish. In order to make the glaze, mix urethane with paint (using a ratio of 3 parts urethane to 1 part paint). This will provide a protective, clear, satiny finish on the frame. We used a silver tinsel colour and brushed the glaze onto the frame with a small brush, lightly rubbing it afterward with a cloth. Once the glaze has dried, you will see that you are just steps away from having a brand new mirror!

                                Special Thanks: Sarah Richardson - Sarah Richardson Designs; Toronto, ON (416) 925-3338

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