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                                Episode 404 - On the House
                                Mirror, Mirror Part 1
                                I can picture it already...
                                Looking for a fun project that would certainly brighten up any home? Why not try making standing mirrors from scratch? My friend and favourite designer, Sarah Richardson, brought this idea to me. I would like to share her reflections on the matter with you!

                                Sarah pointed out the benefits of mirrors in terms of decoration for any home. A trick often used in restaurants, placing a mirror on the wall can create the illusion that the room is actually larger than it is. Perfect for your own dining room, when entertaining, you can just allow the food, your friends, and the candlelight to act as decoration - thanks to a well-placed mirror!

                                You can pick up the frame for your mirror just about anywhere. Sarah rescued the screen frame that we used as it was about to be thrown out by a client. There's a magical feeling involved in taking an object that could be considered to be garbage and transforming it into something that will last for a long time.

                                • 1 large screen frame
                                • hammer
                                • ruler
                                • nails
                                • measuring tape
                                • standard door mouldings, cut into 4 measured pieces

                                Remove the screen from the frame by pulling down and pushing it away from the frame. Remove the wire frame that holds it in place as well. (You can use the prong side of a hammer to assist you in doing this if it doesn't come out easily). Make sure you remove any remnants from the slot of the frame. Next, remove the border rim from the frame, prying it out with the prong side of the hammer and protecting the under frame with a ruler or a long piece of wood. Save the pieces to be reattached later. Take pre-cut door mouldings and miter all the edges for a nice, clean finish. (Try to get a hold of a miter saw, if possible - makes the job a lot easier!) Place each piece along the frame, matching them up, and leaving a bit of a reveal. Mark with a pencil where they will meet at each corner. Tack each piece onto the frame to hold it in place. Do not hammer each one in all the way on or it will dent the wood. Reinforce each corner with a nail so that it does not split. Cover the nail holes and joints with wood filler and then you will be ready for the next step: priming!

                                Special Thanks: Sarah Richardson - Sarah Richardson Designs: Toronto, ON (416) 925-3338

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