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                                Episode 408 - Thank Goodness
                                Fall Drinks
                                Mix It Up...
                                Well, autumn is upon us and it just so happens to be my favourite time of the year. Our local fruit and vegetable stands are bursting with a plethora of harvest items. One of those vegetable stands happens to be Southbrook Farms, which is owned by Bill Redelemeier. Bill joined me at my home to talk with me about some different drinks that would be perfect for the autumn season.

                                Bill described that the fall season is a great time of year for farmers, as they get to go out and do some real harvesting. Two of their biggest crops are tomatoes and apples. Bill's first drink suggestion was for a Vegetable Cocktail. I asked Bill about "V's". V-drinks are numbered according to how many vegetables are involved. For example, strictly tomato juice would be a V-1. Bill said he had actually made it up to a V-14. For a Vegetable Cocktail, feel free to use any combination of vegetables.

                                • tomatoes , three cups of quartered
                                • vegetables, chopped (we used celery, green/red pepper, onion, carrots, garlic)
                                • salt
                                • Worcestershire sauce

                                Add tomatoes to medium-sized pot. Add vegetable ingredients (use whatever mix of vegetables you desire) Add a tiny bit of water, and boil for 10 minutes to soften. Pour into a vegetable grinder placed over a bowl and grind vegetables into a juice which will pour into the bowl. Transfer into a beautiful glass, and serve. Present salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce on the side, allowing your guests to do the final treatment.

                                Bill's second suggestion was for a Spiced Apple Cider. Harvest time produces hundreds of varieties of apples, and Bill explained that North American ciders are simply cold, pressed apple juices, made from a blend of apples (Mackintosh, Golden Gala, etc.). Everywhere else in the world, cider is actually an alcoholic drink, as it is fermented. Here is the recipe for Sweet Spiced Apple Cider:

                                • apples, sliced
                                • spices (we used nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, cloves. Use whatever you like!)

                                Add apples to medium-sized pot. Bring to a boil. Add spices while cider is warm. Remove from heat and serve either warm or cold.

                                *As an 'adult' option, add a little bit of calvados (apple brandy).

                                Try some of these festive fall libations and I think you will agree that homemade juice tastes so much better than what you would get from a can.

                                Courtesy: Bill Redelmeier - Southbrook Farms; Richmond Hill, ON (905) 832-2548




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