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                                Episode 404 - On the House
                                Water's Edge
                                Fishing anyone?
                                Making our way around a city backyard, design consultant Steven King and I approached the peaceful pond, which he had designed for a client. Sitting by the water's edge, we discussed the benefits of having a water feature as such in a backyard.

                                Steven pointed out that it is not always necessary to hire a professional to install a pond. It is possible to do it yourself, using a plastic or fiberglass liner. This particular pond, however, was made out of concrete. Duck weed lightly and colourfully covered the water. Steven suggests that it gives the pond a low-maintenance quality, as the water would rarely appear to be dirty.

                                For entertaining purposes, you can treat the edges of your pond with votive candles and potted plants. Floating candles also add a nice touch. A quick hint: in order to prevent them from gravitating to the sides of the pond, attach a fishing weight to the bottom of each candle using a pin and some fishing line.

                                As an alternate use for the pond, you could shut off the water source, drain the pond, fill it with ice, beer, and champagne, and turn it into an instant bar for your next party.

                                Why not take a trip outside to your own backyard, look around and try to imagine the cool and soothing possibilities. I just know you'll find yourself bubbling over with ideas and excitement for your next outdoor party.

                                Courtesy: Steven King B.L.A. - Design Consultant; Toronto, ON (416) 967-1862

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