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                                Episode 313 - Paper
                                Paper Service
                                Kiss My Grits!
                                In thinking about paper, I thought it important to share some of the different ways that it can enhance our environment when we entertain. So, I'd like to welcome you to Nik's Greasy Spoon! In my mind, I'm picturing that gorgeous diner we love to go to on a Saturday morning, newspaper in hand, the waiter/waitress with a cup of coffee ready for us, and, of course, the lovely paper service on the counter?br>
                                Here is the low down on paper fun for table accessories and service ware which you can use to cover your counter :

                                You'll find a whole bunch of different paper placemats available on the market: I'm sure everyone can remember the old cocktail placemats, gold-rimmed placemats, as well as the types your kids can colour on.

                                Another important part of the funky diner look are napkin dispensers. Fill them with traditional diner-style white napkins and place them along the counter. Paper cups and paper plates are a must! A great thing about doing a meal service with paper is that it is completely disposable, so clean-up will be easy.

                                Don't forget your Greasy Spoon menus! How about grilled cheese and fries; the banquet burger; chili dogs; and all day breakfast? Prepare menus using coloured paper and a printer if possible; then, place them into lucite frames.

                                Design enhancements can be simple and fun. We found some charming origami paper flowers in various colours and we displayed them on the counter as well.

                                It doesn't really take too much effort to create the diner look, but once it's all laid out it certainly does do the trick. The next time you've had a rough day at work, or, perhaps your kids are having a tough day at school, why not surprise your entire family and create your own little diner using paper accessories. What a wonderful look - without the paper cuts!


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