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                                Episode 313 - Paper
                                Paper Shades
                                Shed some light on the subject!
                                Looking for a bright idea for old or even new paper lamp shades? You've come to the right place! Karineh Babayan is an expert at taking lamp shades and turning them into works of art. These delicate structures are as lovely during the day as they are at night. Let's shed some light on these shady characters.

                                Karineh described how you can buy a very simple cone lamp shade from a craft store - such as a peel and stick shade. You simply peel off the cover and it becomes your template. Then, taking your favourite type of paper, cut it to the size of your template, glue the ends together and slip it on over the top of the lamp. This simple project can really change the mood of your room. It all depends on the type of paper you choose and there are so many different types, colours, and textures. The fun part is going out and finding the type of paper you really like which will work with your decor or your theme.

                                A slightly more complicated lamp shade would be one of Karineh's original designs. Karineh suggests searching for a wire frame lamp shade at a flea market. Sometimes you can pay as little as 25 cents and you can find all sorts of interesting shapes.

                                Cut a piece of your paper to match one side of the wire frame. Use it as a template as you cut out various shapes of rectangles and squares, and arrange them onto the template in the pattern of your choice. Attach them onto the template with a double sided tape. Puncture little holes along the edges of each shape, then take a sharp needle and some lace or thread and join the patches, tying a tiny knot after you thread each side. (You can use silk cord, raffia, or vinyl as well).

                                Once all of your shapes and their corners are stuck together, transfer onto the wire frame. Attach, using tape and thread again, along each side and on the corners.

                                No two lamps ever look the same. It all depends on how artistic you want to get. Judging by Karineh's signature piece, a complex one-of-a-kind lamp shade, the sky is the limit!

                                Courtesy: Karineh Babayan, My Box, North York, ON (416) 492-8775

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