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                                Episode 208 - Cocktails at Eight
                                The Set Up
                                Comfy and inviting
                                So you want to throw a cocktail party. Great! The key is to make your home comfortable by allowing your guests enough room to roam around, making it easy for them to get at drinks and nibbles that you’ve prepared and above all, in getting to know each other. Here are some easy suggestions to prepare your home for this fun evening.

                                - You may wish to move some larger furniture like easy chairs out of the living room or area in which the party is being hosted. I’ve always found that comfortable folding chairs make a good seating alternative. They can be easily moved by you or your guests. These can be rented at a nominal charge and come in a wide range of colours and styles.

                                Clearing the way
                                - We cleared the way so people could rest drinks and also to allow us to put out nibbles and food.

                                - Always great to have on hand; they can be anything from a selection of spiced nuts to hot and cold hors d’oeuvres. Let your imagination be your guide. Drinks - Always make sure you have enough on hand. You may wish to set up a wine or drinks station in the area so your guests won’t have to leave an interesting conversation to visit the kitchen.

                                - Candles are very important. A good choice is something lightly scented, like vanilla. Place them strategically throughout the room. They add some romantic lighting and help to clear the air, so to speak.

                                - While this is subjective, my suggestions for a cocktail party include, what else, cocktail music. Try something like Johnny Hartman, classic Ella Fitzgerald, Cole Porter or Dinah Washington. Sounding fine!

                                Last tip, relax! Hosting a party means that you too are supposed to have fun!



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